Date Course Name Venue Code Brochure Registration Form
24 Oct 2017 PU Formulation Development & Optimisation Amsterdam, the Netherlands PU-17-33 Download Download
25 Oct 2017 Development of Fire Resistant Polyurethane Products Amsterdam, the Netherlands PU-17-34 Download Download
12 July 2017 Polyisocyanurate (PIR) Chemistry and Technology Bangkok, Thailand PU-17-31  
12 July 2017 Recycling Flexible PU Foam Bangkok, Thailand PU-17-30  
12 July 2017 How to develop New Polyurethane Formulations Bangkok, Thailand PU-17-29  
12 July 2017 Flexible PU Foam Process-Troubleshooting & Improvement Bangkok, Thailand PU-17-28  
12 July 2017 Thermal Analysis of Polymers and Polyurethanes Bangkok, Thailand PU-17-27  
11 July 2017 Polyols for Polyurethane Formulations Bangkok, Thailand PU-17-26  
11 July 2017 Cost Reduction in Flexible PU Foam Bangkok, Thailand PU-17-25  
11 July 2017 Adhesion Science and Polyurethane Adhesives Bangkok, Thailand PU-17-24  
10 July 2017 Chemistry and Technology of Rigid Polyurethanes Bangkok, Thailand PU-17-23  
10 July 2017 Polymer Science and Polyurethane Chemistry Bangkok, Thailand PU-17-22  
10 July 2017 Flexible PU Foam Technology Bangkok, Thailand PU-17-21