"Polyurethanes, Adhesives & Foams" is a bi-monthly magazine focusing on the needs of Polyurethanes, Adhesives & Foams Industries. It will have information on technical & market developments, interviews, business developments, new products. Please click here for the mediakit of this magazine.


Grenfell Tower Fire and its implications for Polyurethane Industry                          
Dr. Grazyna Mitchener ,  Polychemtech Ltd., UK  

The Forests, The Trees, The Fields, The Isocyanates  
Dr. Joseph J. Marcinko,  Polymer Synergies,  USA
In Conversation with Mr. Donovan Slade
CEO, National Urethane Industries (NUI)
South Africa
LinkedIn Group Technical Discussion 

Polyurethane Opportunities in Nigeria                                           
Chief Nnamdi Iroegbu, Marvico Group, Nigeria
One-Component Moisture Curing PU Adhesives & Sealants for Automotive & Construction: Market Landscape - China & Thailand                                                
Dr. Mauro Montalbetti, Asiantech Enterprise (Thailand)
TPU Market Overview                               
Tejas Shah &  Rakesh Panigrahi, Prismane Consulting
Compact Slabstock Continuous Foaming Machines  
MA Naqi, LinQ Tech Inc., Canada  

Testing the Effect of the Reactivity of Silicone Surfactants in Polyurethane Rigid Foams      

August-September 2018
Issue 1

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